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Designed & Manufactured in Scotland
Engineered for our clients needs

Hancock Manufacturing is based in Cumbernauld, Scotland. The birthplace of the original rubberised Mackintosh coat.

Maintaining a signature coat construction using a process that has been perfected over centuries, Hancock Manufacturing extends the same diligent detail to a range of garment production services. This inherently preserves a legacy of perfection

Pieces are labelled ‘Made in Britain’ or ‘Handmade in Scotland’ with confidence, as Hancock oversees every project end-to-end. Transparency from first consultation to the final tag.

Hancock Manufacturing is founded on ethical practice and fairness for its people and beyond. Maximising community impact whilst minimising environmental impact.

Read our corporate social responsibility policy here.

Hancock retail is our quality guarantee in brand form. View the garments we put our name to.

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Our modern approach to design combined with our heritage manufacturing process is the ideal platform for creativity.

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